Persian Immersion Cooking Class…

We had a great class tonight learning about Persian foods, smelling the aroma of the exotic spices… Saffron, turmeric, sumac and corriander to name a few.  Wonderfully garlicky babaganoush and homemade pita bread.  Who knew homemade pita bread was so easy and much tastier than store bought!  

This was a very congenial bunch- the group found similarities not only professionally with 3 health care professionals but 4 spoke Italian so a very fun class!

Chef Jenn’s trivia game brings the group together as students try to remember the 5 mother sauce… All trying to remember that last one!  



Valentine’s Day Cooking Class

Six couples joined us for a Valentine’s Day cooking class.  It was a bitter cold night but warm in the kitchen with all the ovens throwing  heat. Students were busy chopping ingredients and then assembling their beef wellingtons or salmon en croute entrees.  



Fun with puff pastry
We also enjoyed a yummy frisée and endive salad with black cherries, chèvre and candied walnuts (oh so delicious)!

The evening concluded with a cozy candlelit dinner with everyone enjoying the fruits of their labor, wines and chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple and apples.  

I hope the couples had a nice evening- learned a few cooking tips, met new people and enjoyed a different kind of experience.   I know I did ❤️!

Bachelorette Party

In December we hosted a wonderful bachelorette party!   

And here is the review of the event- thanks for the kind words Anna and congratulations to Erin!

“If you’ve ever wanted to try a cooking class- this is your place! We threw my sister’s bachelorette party at Nancy’s in December with Chef Jenn. We had the wedding 3 weeks after this event and my sister’s friends were still talking about how much fun they had! 

First, Nancy is an awesome business woman. She was so receptive to what we were looking for and she guided us through the process of booking the event. Her personable attitude made it so easy to ask questions (and believe me, I asked a million) and every time she responded she was prompt and thorough in her answers. 

Second, CHEF JENN IS TERRIFIC. She was open to all the possible food suggestions we gave her and she created this delicious three-course meal for us to make that evening. She altered her recipes for any allergies as well. There were 15 ladies…15 LADIES in Nancy’s kitchen and we were fairly warned by Nancy and Jenn prior to the event that this was their biggest group ever. Fear not to any future bachelorette parties, ladies nights, etc, Chef Jenn and Nancy were wonderful. Chef Jenn had every person doing an individual task as we prepared a three-course meal. Throughout the night, every person was busy between listening to Chef Jenn share her cooking knowledge and learning and practicing new cooking techniques. 

Third, every course we made was de-freaking-licious! And, to top it all off Nancy put together all the recipes we used throughout the night into a cooking pamphlet that each of us got to take home with us. 

It was such a fantastic night full of laughter, good company, and great food! What more could you ask for? ”

Jenn and I had a lot of fun organizing and hosting the party.  What a wonderful group of young women!  A great idea for something different 😊

Pot Pies 3 Ways…

With a snowstorm predicted (and materialized) for the weekend we changed the date for the pot pie class.  We gathered 6 of the 10 participants to make 3 pot pies (beef with puff pastry crust, chicken with herb biscuits and veggie with phyllo crust), green bean salad and a apple galette.  Everyone was quickly put to work peeling, chopping and sautéing.     

All the pies were fabulous and surprisingly easy to make! 


Cooking Classes!

Weekend Kitchen’s cooking classes have been going strong for a few years now but I have yet to blog post about them.  Part of the problem has been the ease by which you can upload pictures to Facebook so that you can post as the class is in progress.  The blog post had to have pictures downloaded from phone to computer and then into the program- blah… too much work in an otherwise busy life!  But, I am eager to learn how to get a posting easier through a mobile ap.  Lets see how this all goes!  This is just a test post 🙂